FAST Logistics' massive fleet uses AI Dashcam to boost road safety and operational efficiency

AI dashcams are transforming the logistics industry in the Philippines, providing businesses with round-the-clock visibility into their delivery operations. This technology enables logistics providers and fleet managers to immediately identify and solve delivery issues, making roads safer and products more secure.

Logistics solutions providers are constantly finding ways to ensure driver safety and fleet protection while optimizing their operations for the timely delivery of goods and services. It has become imperative for businesses to find solutions to keep employees and other road users safe while achieving operational excellence.

This is particularly true in the Philippines, as government data revealed that about 11,096 road traffic deaths were recorded in 2021. This was 39 percent higher than the 7,938 road accident deaths reported in 2011. Road injuries also cost about 2.6% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). 

As a solution, FAST Logistics Group has utilized artificial intelligence and introduced AI Dashcams across its massive fleet assets. FAST aims to detect and address distracted driving behavior, road hazards, and other high-risk events in real-time.

FAST, a leader in end-to-end logistics innovation and solutions in the Philippines, recognizes that using AI-powered fleet dash cams in logistics operations is not merely a technological innovation but an important leap toward road safety, risk management, and operational efficiency.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence and AI Dashcam

Simply put, artificial intelligence or AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines, particularly computer systems. It encompasses the development of algorithms and computational models that enable machines to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence such as learning, perception, and predicting data or behaviors.

One example of an AI application is the AI-powered fleet dash cam, which functions like a typical dash camera but with advanced AI capabilities. It records video footage of the road and the driver through a front-facing camera and driver-facing camera while the vehicle is moving. The AI component of the dashcam analyzes the video footage in real-time, offering functionalities such as tracking and monitoring driver behavior and vehicle speed, detecting signs of accidents, and recording incidents that may occur.

Introducing FAST AI Dashcam

The FAST AI Dashcam combines hardware and advanced software algorithms to provide unparalleled road and driver monitoring for smart fleet management and logistics operations. Here are the primary features of the FAST AI dashcam:

Dual Cameras for Complete Visibility

The FAST AI Dashcam is an advanced dash camera equipped with both front-facing and driver-facing cameras, designed to comprehensively monitor driver and fleet safety throughout the delivery process.

The road-facing camera of the fleet dash cam provides exceptional visibility of the road ahead, delivering real-time updates on street conditions, weather variations, and traffic incidents that could impact the fleet or the transportation of goods. Additionally, the driver-facing camera allows 24/7 monitoring of the driver and helper navigating the vehicle.

AI Detection for Driving Behavior

This innovative camera tool uses machine learning algorithms to precisely evaluate driver behavior aboard the fleet. It effectively identifies whether a fleet driver is attentive or engaging in risky actions during delivery tasks, such as phone usage or yawning, which can increase the risk of traffic accidents or vehicle collisions. The comprehensive view provided by dash cams ensures that every angle of the driver’s experience is captured and analyzed.

GPS for Accurate Location Tracking

The FAST AI Dashcam has a GPS tracking feature, providing accurate monitoring of the fleet’s whereabouts throughout the delivery process. It makes the vehicle easy to locate in case of emergencies for the overall safety and security of the driver and business products inside the fleet.

Live Feed Monitoring for Driver Coaching and Efficiency

The fleet dash cams also capture live video footage which is transmitted to the FAST Command Center, allowing personnel to make real-time, data-driven decisions if needed. For instance, the Command Center can warn fleet drivers displaying signs of distracted driving. It can also suggest alternative routes to drivers in case of roadblocks or heavy traffic to prevent delays in deliveries.

Cameras are installed on FAST’s vehicles, including its fully electric trucks, the first of their kind in the Philippines.

FAST Logistics' massive fleet uses AI Dashcam to boost road safety and operational efficiency

Benefits of AI Dashcams with GPS for Your Business

The adoption of FAST AI Dashcam with GPS for logistics operations brings forth a multitude of benefits, especially for businesses. From minimizing the risk of accidents to enhancing the overall performance and accountability of drivers, this technology ushers in a new era of smart fleet management.

Preventing Accidents for Road Safety

The key advantage of using FAST AI Dashcam in logistics lies in its crucial role in preventing road accidents. Comprehensive monitoring of vehicle drivers and immediate identification of street dangers not only safeguard the lives of motorists but also contribute significantly to upholding and enhancing the supply chain’s integrity.

With FAST AI Dashcam, companies need not worry about the safety and security of their goods and services, bolstering their reputation for reliability and trustworthiness in the market.

Real-Time Delivery Monitoring and Feedback

Fleet managers also gain unprecedented access and control over the status and location of deliveries. With real-time alerts from the AI dash camera, they can proactively respond to schedule changes or unexpected events like flooding, heavy traffic, or road closures.

Promptly resolving delivery issues prevents disruptions in the flow of goods and boosts customer satisfaction through smooth and reliable service. The combination of AI analysis with GPS tracking provides a synergy that is invaluable in the logistics industry, where precision and responsiveness are paramount.

Ensuring Damage-Free Products

Monitoring the live stream footage captured by the AI dash camera also elevates the security of valuable cargo. Dash cams allow fleet managers to promptly identify any unauthorized access or suspicious activities, which is crucial in safeguarding high-value goods and products.

By leveraging this technology, businesses can effectively maintain safe and secure logistics operations, ensuring products are delivered damage-free.

Enhancing Driver Performance

The FAST AI Dashcam with GPS tracking feature also serves as a reliable coaching aid for drivers, helping them improve their performance on the road. Through real-time dash cam footage and feedback mechanisms, drivers can improve their habits or take immediate action in case of delays or deviations from planned routes during delivery operations.

It also enables drivers to make necessary adjustments for safer and more efficient driving. It also becomes an important smart fleet safety and fleet management platform, enhancing operational efficiency while elevating road safety standards across the Philippines.

FAST Logistics' massive fleet uses AI Dashcam to boost road safety and operational efficiency

Smart Fleet Management for Competitiveness

The ever-evolving logistics landscape in the Philippines demands a combination of smart technology and strategic management. By integrating AI fleet dash cameras with GPS technology into logistics operations, companies can gain a competitive edge.

The synergy created by 24/7 visibility via dash cam footage, advanced algorithms, and real-time monitoring capabilities is not just a significant boost for road safety but a necessity for businesses looking to maintain their leadership position in a dynamic marketplace.

Reliable and Innovative Logistics Solutions

FAST is harnessing technological advancements and innovations to ensure every driver, fleet, and product reaches its destination — safely, unhampered, and on time. The industry leader remains at the forefront of logistics innovation, promising secure and efficient deliveries in a world that never stops moving.

With over 50 years of industry leadership, FAST combines the best of technological innovation and its massive network and operations to revolutionize Philippine logistics. It also continuously elevates its services and solutions for its clients and partners.

Key Takeaways

  • FAST Logistics Group, a leader in end-to-end logistics and supply chain management in the Philippines, utilizes AI fleet dash cams to boost driver safety and fleet management, minimize risks, secure clients’ products, and maintain supply chain integrity.
  • With GPS tracking features, as well as road-facing and driver-facing cameras, this dashcam is equipped with machine learning algorithms that can detect potentially dangerous events throughout the delivery process such as unsafe driving behavior and high-risk road conditions. It is a game-changer for logistical safety and efficiency.
  • The location data and video footage from the fleet dash cams are transmitted to the FAST Command Center, which sends real-time alerts to vehicle drivers engaging in accident-prone behaviors. The FAST Command Center can also coach drivers on alternative routes to prevent delivery delays.
  • The Philippines has been reporting thousands of road traffic deaths per year. This underscores the need for innovative solutions like FAST AI dashcams to prevent accidents and other high-risk events.
  • Incorporating fleet dash cam with GPS into logistics operations and fleet management is important for businesses seeking enhanced delivery and product monitoring processes to help them boost their reputation for reliability and trustworthiness in the market.

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