FAST Logistics, the leader in end-to-end logistics innovation and solutions, marked a significant leap toward sustainability by unveiling its first fully electric truck on Friday, February 2.

The move aims to reduce the company’s carbon footprint while maintaining service levels for partners and clients, underscoring FAST Logistics’ dedication to investing in sustainability in end-to-end logistics in the Philippines.

Devoid of carbon emissions, FAST’s new vehicle can cover a distance of up to 280 kilometers at full battery capacity and maintain an average speed of 80 kilometers per hour. It requires only one to three hours of fast charging or six to eight hours of slow charging.

The First in the Philippines

FAST Logistics’ fully electric truck is the first of its kind in the Philippines, setting a milestone for sustainability in the country’s logistics industry. With this innovative move, FAST is leading the way towards a greener and cleaner future.

This eco-friendly truck also contributes to reducing air pollution but also helps mitigate noise pollution as it operates quietly compared to traditional trucks.

truck involved in transporting goods or cargo in various provinces in the philippines

Equipped with the latest technology, such as advanced technology vehicles like GPS and an AI dashboard with dashcams, this FAST vehicle not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also helps the company save money in the long term by lowering maintenance and operating costs.

Each vehicle is anticipated to have a lifespan of five to eight years or potentially longer.

FAST Group President Mr. William B. Chiongbian II and CEO for Logistics Mr. Manny L. Onrejas Jr. led the rollout of the FAST electric vehicle held at Balai Isabel in Batangas City.

“This EV launch stands as a testament to FAST’s unwavering commitment to championing the global imperative of preserving our planet. As one of the foremost logistics leaders in the country, FAST is dedicated to harnessing cutting-edge sustainable technologies that actively contribute to reducing carbon emissions,” Manny stated.

Top executives of FOTON Philippines, the manufacturer of the vehicles, were also present at the event to show support for FAST’s project. “We are very much excited to see more FAST electric vehicles this year,” said Ivan Miel Alquiroz, manager for sales operations of FOTON Philippines. 

FAST will use four EV trucks from FOTON Philippines for the project’s pilot run in select regions in Metro Manila until the company’s vehicles can predominantly run without using fossil fuels, across all its networks.

With a vast network of warehouses spread across the Philippines, FAST aims to transform these facilities into fully solar-powered hubs for a sustainable future, not only to minimize operational expenses but also to contribute towards reducing the company’s carbon footprint. These warehouses will serve as charging stations for EV trucks in the future.

Companies with shared environmental goals have expressed eagerness to pilot the FAST EV trucks in their operations. The sectors poised to reap the rewards of this sustainable transportation initiative include multinational corporations specializing in personal care items, lubricants, fast-food chains, and more.

In addition to the environmental awareness through this project, FAST has also implemented several sustainability efforts within its operations. This includes using renewable energy sources for FAST’s major warehouses in Luzon.

FAST is committed to, and invested in sustainability, whenever possible in every aspect of our business, building stronger relationships with our customers, and employees, and contributing to positive development in society, as we move Further Together,” said Manny.

FAST believes that by leading the way in sustainable end-to-end logistics practices, they can inspire other companies to follow suit and make a positive impact on the global economy and environment. As one of the largest logistics providers in the Philippines, FAST Logistics is committed to support companies who also aspire for a more sustainable supply chain. According to Onrejas, “We’re pleasantly surprised to see a long list of our Customers eager to partner using our EV fleet.”

Why is sustainability important in logistics and supply chains?

Sustainable logistics also referred to as green logistics, is an initiative aimed at reducing the environmental impact of businesses along the supply and value chain, from processing raw materials to delivery of products to consumers. With the growing concern for environmental degradation and climate change, companies are now facing increasing pressure to become more environmentally responsible.

The logistics and supply chain industry plays a critical role in global trade and economy, making it a significant contributor to carbon and reducing greenhouse gas emissions everywhere. The transport sector accounts for almost one-quarter of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. With the rise of e-commerce and globalization, the demand for faster and more efficient delivery has also increased, leading to a higher carbon footprint from transportation activities.

This is where sustainability in logistics comes into play. By implementing sustainable practices in logistics and supply chains, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, minimize waste generation, conserve natural resources, and promote social responsibility. This not only benefits the environment but also helps companies cut costs, improve efficiency, keep customer expectations, and enhance their brand image.

Transforming with the Industry

One key aspect of sustainable logistics is the use of alternative fuels and renewable energy sources. Traditional transportation methods rely heavily on fossil fuels, which release harmful emissions into the atmosphere. However, there are now many eco-friendly alternatives available, such as green fuels such as electric vehicles, biofuels, and hydrogen-powered trucks. By switching to these cleaner options, companies can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to mitigating climate change.

truck involved in transporting cargo or products

By investing in innovative green technologies like this fully electric truck, FAST — the country’s leading logistics and selling distribution company — paves the way for other organizations wanting to leverage technology and become more conscious about their carbon footprint and operations.

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