The Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines (SCMAP) recently held its highly anticipated annual members meeting, hosted by the FAST Logistics Group, bringing together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to discuss the future of warehousing.

FAST Logistics hosted the annual SCMAP Members’ Meet at the FAST Logistics Learning and Development Center in Cabuyao, Laguna on July 6. The SCMAP Members’ Meet was attended by over 40 representatives of SCMAP member companies; the meeting offered a unique opportunity to explore the future of warehousing while experiencing firsthand the innovative technologies and warehouse operations deployed by FAST Logistics.

An Extensive Discussion

CEO of Logistics for FAST Manny L. Onrejas Jr. opened the event with a brief history of the company and how the member companies have helped the group become the leader in the Philippine logistics industry. This was followed by a comprehensive discussion about the outlook on warehousing and rising trends in management systems such as embracing automation and leveraging IoT.

FAST Logistics Group, CEO of Logistics Manny L. Onrejas Jr., gives his opening remarks during the SCMAP Annual Members’ Meet 2023

SCMAP President Dennis Llovido was also present at the event and took the opportunity to share the organization’s latest initiatives and activities. The attendees learned about SCMAP’s efforts to drive innovation, promote best practices, and foster collaboration within the supply chain and logistics industry. 

With the rapid advancements in technology, evolving customer expectations, and changing market dynamics in the supply chain, a presentation about “The Future of Warehousing in the Philippines through Tech Innovation and Solutions” was led by FAST Warehouse Division Head Aron Javier, which focused on exploring the trajectory of warehousing, harnessing artificial intelligence and its implications for businesses in the coming years.

The presentation also highlighted the commitment of SCMAP to stay at the forefront of industry developments and support its members in navigating the evolving warehousing landscape. FAST partners from Honeywell, the leading manufacturer of industrial automation and control technologies, were also able to present various technology solutions for warehousing during the event.

Exploring FAST Logistics’ Facilities

During the SCMAP annual members’ meeting, participants had the privilege of touring the facility of FAST Logistics, where they witnessed the deployment of advanced technologies aimed at improving productivity and enhancing warehouse operations. The facility served as a logistics hub for Kenvue, a multinational consumer health company. 

The facility visit consisted of site tours of the FAST Learning & Development Center, the Kenvue warehouse, and the Value Added Services (VAS) facility. These walkthroughs provided valuable insights into how new technologies are transforming the warehouse landscape; followed by a luncheon provided by FAST and closing remarks.

The Power of Partnership

Overall, the SCMAP Members’ Meet provided a platform for industry experts to shed light on the future of warehousing. As businesses navigate the evolving demands of supply chains, staying informed about the direction of warehousing and supply chain is vital for success. 

The collaboration between FAST Logistics and SCMAP exemplifies the importance of logistics industry partnerships and knowledge-sharing in driving advancements in the field of warehouse management. The event showcased the shared commitment of both organizations to foster innovation, elevate logistics industry standards, and pave the way for the future of warehousing management in the Philippines.

From embracing automation and leveraging IoT to sustainable practices, the event highlighted key trends and strategies that will shape the warehousing landscape in the years to come. The SCMAP annual members meeting, held in collaboration with FAST Logistics, provided a unique platform for industry professionals to explore the future of warehousing.

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