FAST Innovation & Solutions Cascade event on April 19th, 2023 was a resounding success. Internal stakeholders of FAST gathered at The Excelsior Hotel in Alabang, where they were equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the company’s suite of solutions.

The Innovation & Solutions Cascade, a company-wide event, served as a platform for the company’s solution leaders to disseminate their knowledge and insights to some of the members of the Sales Team and Operations Team. Solution leaders highlighted how FAST solutions can be meticulously curated to help any clients or potential clients achieve their goals in a dynamic environment.

Speakers at the event included FAST Vice President for Operations Aron Javier, who spoke about the company’s innovations in warehousing; FAST Assistant Vice President for Regional Operations Marc Dizon, who discussed the cold chain solution, Fresh by FAST; and FAST Assistant Vice President for Innovation Lead Aldwin Micu, who talked about one of the company’s newest solutions, Voice Pick by FAST.

Aside from in-depth discussions about FAST products and services, the event also introduced the Todo Value Pack, a solution that offers pouch delivery to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The success of the event rested on FAST’s steadfast dedication to empowering its team with the knowledge needed to deliver top-tier, technology-driven solutions for clients.

This event is only the beginning of the many forthcoming events that place emphasis on the solutions offered by FAST.

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