FAST Logistics Group Chief Solutions Officer for Logistics Israel “Ely” Baleta was among the distinguished speakers at the Central Luzon Transport & Trade Conference 2024, where he shared valuable insights on innovations and solutions in transport logistics.

FAST, the Philippines’ leading end-to-end logistics company, made a mark at the conference held on Friday, May 24, in Clark, Pampanga as it demonstrated its industry leadership and transport logistics solutions for businesses amid evolving market dynamics.

Government officials, business executives, investors, and various trade exhibitors gathered at the conference themed “Harnessing Logistics for Sustainable Growth” to discuss key logistics trends and technologies that lead to cost savings, faster product delivery, and increased visibility into supply chain operations.

Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the infrastructure and trade initiatives driving economic development in Central Luzon. They also learned about the region’s rapid growth, which positions it as a strategic business hub.

The event also highlighted the importance of collaboration and partnership among businesses, particularly in the context of emerging technologies and digitalization in the supply chain.

During the conference, FAST Chief Solutions Officer for Logistics Ely Baleta underscored the company’s dedication to pioneering innovation to shape the Philippine logistics industry and elevate its transport logistics services. He cited FAST’s advanced tracking systems and data-driven solutions that enhance every aspect of the transportation process.

Commitment to Innovation as an Industry Leader

FAST Chief Solutions Officer for Logistics Israel “Ely” Baleta was one of the speakers and panelists during the conference. In his talk on Innovation and Solutions in Transport Logistics, he emphasized how FAST continuously pushes the boundaries of the Philippine logistics industry by constantly innovating and adapting to changing market needs and supply chain disruptions. He also highlighted how FAST leverages technology in transport logistics to optimize supply chain processes in today’s fast-paced business environment.

FAST — a trusted logistics provider for leading multinational companies, Filipino conglomerates, and small and medium-sized enterprises — leverages technology to provide transport logistics solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, improve customer experience, and mitigate risks in the supply chain.

Ely highlighted FAST’s groundbreaking innovations, particularly its adoption of electric vehicles. He mentioned that FAST introduced the country’s first fully electric trucks earlier this year, setting a new benchmark for sustainable supply chain operations in the Philippines. Electric vehicles, which are increasingly popular, offer a more eco-friendly alternative to petrol and diesel counterparts. These vehicles rely solely on electricity to recharge their batteries, reducing noise and eliminating the need for conventional fossil fuels.

He also pointed out how artificial intelligence improves transportation processes by analyzing data, optimizing routes, predicting traffic delays, and enhancing overall efficiency and safety. He shared that FAST employs AI-powered dashcams to detect road hazards or driving behaviors that put the driver, fleet, and shipment at risk. Ely also stated that FAST’s AI Planner leverages sophisticated algorithms to optimize shipment allocation, route planning, and delivery schedules. With real-time updates on traffic conditions and delivery windows, customers are assured of reliable and on-time deliveries.

In addition, FAST has developed its own Transport Management System, a set of software solutions designed to automate all processes involved in transport logistics, from warehouses to end customers. This helps enhance route efficiency and provides delivery drivers with real-time updates about hazards and other crucial information while on the road, allowing supply chain managers to quickly identify and address potential issues before they escalate. TMS also provides shipment status and meticulous documentation of proof of delivery.

These transport logistics solutions for businesses empower companies to improve their supply chain operations, while also reinforcing FAST’s position as a key player in driving supply chain transformation. As Ely said during the conference: “What’s more important yet is that we continue to push those boundaries. Just like the world never stops turning, we never stop changing. We then learn to appreciate that what’s better in the moment, isn’t an end-all, be-all solution.”

Vast Capabilities and Network

At the conference, Ely also underscored that FAST operates an extensive network of warehousing, sales, distribution, and transport solutions, encompassing inland, air, and sea forwarding throughout the country. With the most extensive transport fleet and the largest warehouse footprint in the Philippines, FAST is capable of delivering products to any location across the archipelago.

He also discussed FAST’s cross-docking solution, where a large volume of different customer orders are consolidated into set vehicles. This offers significant advantages for businesses as this results in efficient deliveries and bigger market coverage.

Moreover, he noted that FAST offers a Fixed Delivery Schedule, in which goods are consolidated and transported using high-capacity trucks on fixed schedules leading to higher stock availability in target markets.

These are just some of the end-to-end logistics solutions provided by FAST to its clients. “At FAST, we have a vast network and capabilities vital for our customers to grow their business,” Ely stressed.

With about 14,000 employees, FAST covers 94% of the nation’s provinces, ensuring unparalleled service and efficiency. FAST utilizes a Learning Management System, meticulously designed and contains lessons on software applications and development, data analysis, and human resources, empowering company employees to provide quality service to clients and customers.

FAST, one of the sponsors of this year’s Central Luzon Transport & Trade Conference, had an engaging booth where participants learned about the company’s end-to-end logistics operations supporting Philippine businesses across various industries. Leveraging its extensive network and strategically located facilities, FAST delivers efficient and seamless solutions for Philippine companies. With its pioneering solutions, FAST remains at the forefront of revolutionizing transport logistics in the country and contributing to inclusive growth.

A Showcase of Transport Logistics Solutions for Businesses

The Central Luzon Transport & Trade Conference 2024 served as a platform for industry professionals to share ideas, highlight solutions, and explore new business opportunities, especially in the region. Aside from Ely, government officials and thought leaders delivered insightful presentations about supply chain management.

It was also an excellent avenue for FAST to showcase its end-to-end logistics solutions tailored to the specific needs of companies and industry players and help them expand access and visibility in their transport processes, which are essential to make business operations more efficient and profitable. Participants also got a closer look at FAST’s innovative logistics solutions for businesses and how it utilizes technology to provide top-notch services to its growing number of clients.

The participation of FAST at the Central Luzon Transport & Trade Conference 2024, co-organized by PortCalls and the Philippine Multimodal Transport and Logistics Association, highlighted the company’s commitment to resilience, sustainability, and growth. It also demonstrated FAST’s capability to better serve its clients while also contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive economic development.

With its industry leadership, extensive capabilities, innovative logistics solutions, and steadfast commitment to customer success, FAST Logistics Group continues to be the leading logistics provider for businesses across diverse industries. To learn more about our services, connect with our Solutions Expert or visit

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